Each child is different and will react differently when being left by their parents for the first time. Equally, leaving your child for the first time can be very difficult and many parents feel upset, anxious and nervous.
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Come and visit me!

I like to meet the parents and the child before we agree on anything to make sure that I understand they way you do things with your little one and that you understand how I work and what your child can expect when we will be together.

During this time, your child can play, visit the house and we can get to know each other.

Talk to your child

I would recommend showing this website to your child and the photos so they  know a little what to expect and that there will be lots of lovely toys they can play with!

Keep smiling :-)

If your child sees that you are anxious or sad, they will feel the same way. Reassuring them, smiling and telling them that you will be back very soon will help. They might still cry but when they see you coming back, it will become easier and very quickly, they will be annoyed when you come to pick them up!